ACE is an extensive 60-80 hours of online training program that empower teachers to effective classroom management, analyze student data, diagnose student achievement gaps, create effective lesson plans aligned to the key shifts the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) demand, explore practical teaching methods to increase the rigor in the classroom, incorporate interdisciplinary problem-solving teaching approaches and creating assessments and rubrics.

ACE includes series of video conferencing with subject matter experts for each module. This helps you to answer any questions directly from the experts. Your assignments and discussion forum doubts can be answered directly by the experts.

ACE prepares you through highly qualified and certified teachers, administrators and educators to be successful in your job interviews and be successful teachers in USA.

1(Disclaimer: ACE is not responsible for teaching offers, US Visas, or relocation to the US. However, ACE has preferred relationships with agencies that can assist you in finding positions within the US and then relocating. These agencies also provide support upon arrival. Support services typically include meeting you at the airport, accompanying you on your first visit to the school, familiarizing you with the surrounding area and services, obtaining housing, etc. ACE will assist you in connecting with these agencies to help you complete the process.)

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